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The idea of establishing Al Orthodoxiya Radio was emerged in the beginning of 2006 since we realized that the media is one of the most important methods to spread the knowledge and enlightenment.

After conducting a thorough research, we found that webcasting is the best available mean since it is widespread and can reach people all over the world in minimal cost.

With the help of the youth from different nationalities and jurisdictions, we searched through the internet where we did not find at that time any Christian Orthodox Arabic radio station in the whole world. Accordingly, we have established the first Arabic Orthodox radio station that we called "Al Orthodoxiya" where the beginning of the pilot broadcast was started in spring of 2006.

Successive meetings were conducted to discuss the materials and topics to be broadcasted in line with the Orthodox tradition and in a form that fits Orthodox Christians who follow the Julian and Gregorian calendars all over the world. After we determined the materials to be broadcasted, we have obtained a written permission to broadcast such materials officially in order to preserve the intellectual property rights.

Official Launch

Al Orthodoxiya Radio has been registered officially in the United States of America as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and the official broadcast (webcast) of the Radio was launched on November 15, 2006 with the beginning of the Nativity fasting. This has been carried through servers located in the United States where anyone can listen to the radio directly through our web site (www.orthodoxiya.org).

Now, it has been seven years since this radio has launched; the number of listeners nowadays is uncountable. The listeners are of all nationalities and age groups, including clergy, deacons, doctors, engineers, housewives, teachers, and students.

Recently, we have created a page for the Radio on Facebook where the people who “liked” the page became more than 10,000 in no time.

Over the past seven years, the broadcasting hours were increased from 12 hours per day to 24 hours per day (non-stop). In addition, we have provided the listeners with the ability to choose one of the several stream speeds that suits the speed of the Internet they have.

In addition, we have launched Apple and Android application in order to provide the listener a method to listen to the radio on the go.

Al Orthodoxiya Radio objectives:

- Attract people to church

- Reflect the best picture of the church

- Spread the word of God, the Orthodox faith, and spirituality

- Awareness about heresies and common mistakes

- Receipt of local churches’ news to the people

- Bring the Christians to each other and enhance communication among themselves

- Propaganda of churches’ activities n order to attract the largest number of people to them

- Publishing the programs that are already exist

- Production of new programs

- Highlight the church literature and intellectual production

- Spreading the heritage and dogma.

- Explain the historical and liturgical pieces

- Allow people to follow the daily services on radio and TV.

Sources of funding

The radio is funded by charitable donations of people that believe in the importance of the radio message and objectives, and we will continue in this approach by the will and Grace of the Lord.

In Christ,

Tareq Madanat

Founder and Owner

October 2013